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Free Tongue Cleaner Attachment

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Our Tongue Cleaner Attachment is specifically built to complete the Pro Care Sonic Toothbrush, making it the ultimate all-in-one oral hygiene tool.

Innovated with state-of-the-art grooves and ridges (combined with the 40,000 Sonic Vibrations from our Pro Care Sonic Toothbrush) our Tongue Cleaner Attachment is super effective in scraping off bacteria, debris and dead cell build-up around the tongue. 

Designed to give you fresher breath, a better-looking tongue and an improved sense of taste after every use. Just attach to the body of our Pro Care Sonic Toothbrush and operate the device like usual. 

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    Free Tongue Cleaner Attachment

    $0.00 AUD

    Free Tongue Cleaner Attachment