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  • Five Tips For A Brighter Smile

    5 Tips For A Brighter Smile Looking to dazzle those around you with your pearly whites? That’s our specialty! And the best part is, it might be eas...

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    • Three Key Benefits Of An Electric Toothbrush

      Wondering whether an electric toothbrush is worth all the buzz? The Alviun Professional Dental Care Range is dentist approved, now that’s something to smile about.

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      • The Oral Hygiene Benefits Behind Your Alviun Toothbrush

        If you’re ready to learn more about just how good the Alviun Pro Care Sonic Toothbrush is (and why dentists recommend electric toothbrushes over manual toothbrushes) just keep reading, and we’ll fill you in. 

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        • Do I Need To Use A Water Flosser?

          How often do you floss your teeth? Let us guess… maybe once a month when you remember? Or the week before you see the dentist? Don’t worry - you’re...

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          • How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

            Searching for the best product for teeth whitening at home? Search no longer, because we’ve got the easiest and safest home teeth whitening kit in Australia. 

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