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Pearly White Duo
Willie Brown
Pearly white teeth

My teeth are so pearly white, I'm so happy with the whitening kit


Think it works

Perfect Duo
Eidin Lukeward
Very good oral care products

I love these oral care products so much, they really help me a lot in improving my healthcare issues.

Pearly White Duo
Kathy Pain

Great value for money, would recommend to anyone needing a good toothbrush and whitening kit

Oral Care Duo
Josie Atkin

It's 10/10 from me!!!

Wow, amazing!!!

A very good quality toothpaste, it helps reduce my yellow tones on my teeth a lot. I'm using it everyday and I don't feel any sensitivity at all.

Nice serum toothpaste

I have tried it and my teeth have improved and become brighter instantly. This product is perfect when going to an event or function, excellent little confident booster.

Great Product!

Saw the results from the first use and was stoked. Gonna be stocking up on these for future use.

Pearly White Duo
Louise Dells
Love love the so much

Love this whitening duo, so easy to use and my teeth are much whiter now.

Oral Care Duo
Kimmy Saker

Great for that extra clean feeling!

Pearly White Duo
Elisha Black
So far so good

I used these carefully as I am one that struggles with sensitivity. So far so goodI have not noticed any sensitivity and Im very pleased with the results after every use.

I love it

I love this product, the flavour is nice when brushing and it brightens my teeth too.

Oral Care Duo
Maca Growley
Healthy teeth for sure

I went to dentist recently and my dentist said that my teeth look so clean and healthy now, he wondered if I have changed to a new toothbrush. And I said yes, I even told him that I have been using Alviun and I can see my teeth are so much better after using it. He said he could figure this was a sonic toothbrush's work as only sonic toothbrushes could do a great job cleaning the teeth and leaving the teeth squeaky and spotless like that. I also love the water flosser that I bought together with the toothbrush. They are the best products I have ever used, I'm so lucky to discover Alviun. They are the best dental care brand in Australia for sure!!!

Oral Care Duo
Caitlyn Belmone
I have always wanting to try these

I have been looking for a perfect oral care product to take care of my teeth, until I've found Alviun and decided to purchase the oral care bundle. They're really the best oral care set I have ever used. The sonic toothbrush has a strong vibration and cleans my teeth till they become spotless. The water flosser is so good at cleaning the food stuck in between, better than the string floss. My oral healthcare has improved a lot, I feel much happier and confident now. It's great, highly recommend trying this bundle.

Perfect Duo
Kaitlyn Wright
Great product

Very great product, highly recommend

Impressive product

My breath is fresher and my teeth are whiter, this is the perfect 2-in 1 toothpaste, would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Love this

I have been using this everyday and I found this product is great. My teeth are very clean and bright now, no sensitivity at all.

I like it!

It works like a toothpaste, I have been using it everyday and I like it!

Best purchase

Best purchase I have made last year, highly recommend the product.

Amazing product

I found this product works very well after a whitening treatment. When I finished using the pro teeth whitening kit, I came to brush my teeth using this serum and I think my teeth brightness has lasted longer by combining these 2 products. They are amazing, highly recommend Alviun.

Loyal customer

I have been a loyal customer to Alviun. Every time they release a new product, I will come to purchase it, and they never disappoint me with their quality of products. I have all of the Alviun products and I love them all. But my favorite is the sonic toothbrush and this serum. They go well together, wondering if Alviun will make them into a bundle, so I can buy it for my hubby.

Very good

Very good product

Oral Care Duo
Lana Reeve
Best products ever

Best oral care products ever, I'm so obssessed that I've using them everyday.

Flosser Replacement Tip
Chantelle Berget

It works great!

New favorite

My new favorite toothpaste! My teeth have gotten so much whiter since using this.